How we help

Caring for a loved one with Dementia is a 24/7 responsibility. Our services alleviate caregiver stress and provide your loved one with purpose to each day.

Our services provide a safe, socially active and supervised environment for those with dementia, promoting an environment for socialization, stimulation, and engagement.

In a comfortable home like setting and at a reasonable cost, Family Partners provides key socialization activities, meals, and daily living assistance for those suffering from memory loss. For caregivers, we offer services to lessen the burden of caregiving stress allowing you to spend quality time with your loved one instead of worrying about the tasks of the day; such as personal care, laundry, DME ordering, doctors' visits, salon care, morning care etc.

Many families feel guilty is for looking for outside assistance in caring for their loved one. What many fail to realized, is that the best thing for their loved one a stimulating, social environment with peers going through the same journey. Studies show that a stimulating environment for your loved one will not reverse their disease, but it will help slow the progression and will allow them to live as independent as possible. Give your loved one the very us today! 314-686-4444

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