“Family Partners” – the only name that would be more fitting would be “Extended Family”

I reached out to A Place for Mom to see if they could provide me with some suggestions (for a day program for my mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s). I told them a bit about my mother in-law and about our previous experience. They told me that they knew of a great place for me to check out – Family Partners. They were so right! Family Partners has become an extension of our family. Each and every member of their team truly cares for everyone that participates in their “club”. Actually “care” does not cover the extent of it. They actually become extended family. Not the type of extended family that you cannot wait to leave or dread seeing at the family reunion, but the extended family that you are excited to see, cry over when they leave, and cannot wait until you see them again.

If you find yourself in a similar situation as my wife and I found ourselves in, let me save you some time, aggravations, and nightmares, call and make arrangements to visit Family Partners. You will be very glad that you did.

“When I picked my mother up from attending the day center she was more alert, engaged, and talkative. The stimulation and socialization is best for our loved ones in this stage of their lives.”

“Family Partners is the best find of my life!”

“What would we do without you and all of your staff? Our family NEEDS Family Partners! I cannot thank you enough for your care, humor, and compassion.”

“Thank you for your kind attention to our mom. I knew each day when I brought her and picked her up that she was in great hands. She consistently looked forward to being with you and the participants and reported a “very good day” each and every day. I am truly impressed with your program and will continue to spread my endorsement to all that I know.”

“We always have a great time here!”

“I really didn’t think that my husband, 62 years old, would fit in at Family Partners. His Alzheimer’s is very early stage and I wasn’t too sure how he’d adjust. I’m happy to say that he has fallen in LOVE with Family Partners! He looks forward to going… I think he’d rather be there than with me! It’s been a blessing to us both. I thank GOD that I found you!”

“I will forever sing the praises of Family Partners. You all have been angels to me. I couldn’t have taken care of my husband as long as I did had it not been for your services.”

“Mom is more alert and engaged since joining Family Partners.”